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North Safety Hearing Protection

The "Hearing Protector" is one example of our product design capability. Our client, North Safety Products, insisted that this "Hearing Protector" become a standard for the industry, a product that the end user could unequivocally rely on for the protection of their ears. In addition to improving the quality of the noise filtration which, in this case, included a new plastic formulation for the ear cup, we had to design a chassis made of a light, strong, non-metallic and specifically yielding material. It also had to be vertically, horizontally and rotationally adjustable with the ability to be reconfigured. For additional comfort, material specific cushions were required. The moving parts incorporated in "The

Hearing Protector" were designed so that they would not produce any sound (noise) which is what this product is trying to prevent. Aesthetically this product should enhance all of those qualities that underlie the visual impression: the colors, shapes, scale and proportions should all agree and be in balance with the intended purpose.

North Safety Products