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NOTE: I kind of babbled a bit. If you don't want to be bored, find something else to read =)

My main goal is to eventually make the Virtual Boy it's own place in the Public Domain (PD) video game community.

I've been a Nintendo fan for as long as I can remember. Ever since I got my first Game Boy all those years ago, I've spent most of my limited finds purchasing Nintendo games.
I'm not an actual 'collector', as such. What's the point of keeping games in pristine condition, only to let them sit there and collect dust? Games are made for one thing and one thing only: to be played. =)

I first learnt about the Virtual Boy around mid-1999, about 4 years after it was first released. Since I live in Australia and didn't keep track of overseas video game information (back then), I was quite surprised when I happened across David Tucker's VB site. "What's THAT thing???", I wondered.
Due to my limited funds, I wasn't really interested in getting a VB. But late 2001 I simply got up one morning and thought to myself, "I think I'll get a Virtual Boy". So I did. And I must say, I'm quite happy with the little system that time forgot.

The main reason I'm interested in making software for the VB is because it combines my two favourite topics: programming and video games. The other reason is that the VB has been mostly overlooked by the emulation community. Think about it. You look at the NES, SNES, GB, and even the GBA, and you'll find a ton of emulators, development kits and PD games. The Virtual Boy is missing all that. At the time I wrote this, I know of only FOUR Virtual Boy emulators, and one of them is only for MacOS. None of them come anywhere near emulating the VB as closely as emulators for other systems do. Not only did the general population overlook the VB in life, but now, when the others are being continuously resurrected by programmers, the VB sits silently in its grave.
Another problem is the lack of games for the system. Under 20 individual commercial games have been dumped. Only a handful of those can be run on the emulators. Hopefully I can improve this; either by making a decent emulator (or at least assisting in making one), or by making some VB games worthy of sitting up there with titles like "Mario's Tennis", "VB Wario Land", or even "Virtual Pong". =)
That is all, for now...

This image of me was taken sometime in 1997. I was only 14 then. It's the only picture of me I have on computer. If you can't make me out, click on the image to view the original greyscale copy of it.

David Williamson (lameboyadvance)

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