Contacting Me

How to contact the owner of this site:

There are a few ways I can be contacted. They are listed below.

Firstly, you can always email me at either or Try the first one as it is my major account. If you don't get a reply (sometimes it gets too full & incoming emails are blocked) then try the second one.

Secondly, you can sometimes find me in the Virtual Boy IRC room (EFNet: #VirtualBoy), or the Pokemon Mini IRC room (EFNet: #PMDev). You can access these rooms via this CGI:IRC client. My alias there is simply lameboy.
The regulars here really know what they're talking about.

Thirdly, you can usually find me around Video Game Chat. My alias there is lameboyadvance.
If you are looking for some people who at least know what a VB even is, I suggest you visit the Virtual Boy forum, which I am a co-moderator of. I am constantly hanging around that place. You can usually find other people with an interest in the Virtual Boy there as well. If you're looking for information about the VB and video games in general, I really suggest this place.
Five of my links are actually webpages made by regulars there. =)

Finally, a new Virtual Boy forum has opened at the larget VB site: planetVB. I guess you can also contact me here too. My alias there is also lameboyadvance.
Since this forum is all Virtual Boy, there is a high probability that your question can be answered. This place seems to be taking off, so this may soon be the place to be.

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