The following are VB related programs. They range from emulators to utilities & Public Domain (PD) ROMs.
I don't have any commercial VB ROMs, mainly because of limited web space. To get these ROMs, try Google.

VeeBee Developed Software


147KB ROM Graphix 1.0 (Win) - ROM graphics editor and viewer

1.11MB VeeBee Utilities 0.9b (Win) - ROM header editor, tile viewer, database & frontends (beta release)

77.4KB VeeBee Header 1.0 (Win) - VB ROM header editor & viewer

13.8KB VeeBee CharMap 1.01 (Win) - Creates a HWORD Char map for use in the Virtual-E C Compiler

Public Domain ROMs

1.91KB Chalvo 55 English patch (GB) - English IPS patch for Chalvo 55 (GB ver of Bound High)

5.92KB VeeBee Cursor Demo (VB) - An interactive version of the original cursor demo


Previous versions - Previously released versions of VeeBee apps or ROMs

2.29KB Updated Virtual-E C Header Files (ZIP) - Updated VECC files that support OBJs

774KB MS Gothic English-Katakana (TTF) - Modified MS Gothic font that displays Katakana on a non-Jap Windows

682KB Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 DLL (DLL) - DLL control that contains all common processes used by VB5 apps

152KB Microsoft Common Dialog Control (OCX) - OCX control that is used to display dialog boxes

586KB Microsoft Windows Common Controls (OCX) - OCX control that is used to display common windows objects

113KB Microsoft Rich Textbox Control (OCX) - OCX control that is used to display rich text boxes

VB Emulators

195KB Reality Boy 0.7 (DOS) - Original VB emu. Reasonably good

362KB Reality Boy 0.65 (Linux) - Reality Boy for Linux

266KB Reality Boy 0.7 Source - Reality Boy source code

284KB Red Dragon 0.35 (Win) - Update of Reality Boy

72.9KB Red Dragon 0.35 (Linux) - Red Dragon for Linux

326KB Red Dragon 0.35 (DOS) - DOS version of Red Dragon

76.1KB Red Dragon 0.35 Source - Red Dragon source code

584KB ViBE 1.0b5 (Mac) - Very good emu for G4 Mac w/ MacOS X 10.2

477KB ViBE 1.0b4 (Mac) - Very good emu for G4 Mac w/ MacOS X 10.2

210KB Virtual-E 1.0 (Win) - Good Windows based VB emu

VB Utilities

85.4KB V810Asm 0.5 (Win?) - Original assembler made for VB

49.8KB V810 Assembler 1.0 (Win?) - Better assembler for VB

43.8KB V810 Disassembler 1.04 (Win?) - Disassembler for VB

29.9KB VB Dev Kit 0.6 (Win) - Another assembler for VB

11.1KB VBNFO 1.0 (DOS) - ROM header viewer. Supports Kanji

2.29MB gccVB C++ Compiler 1.0 (DOS) - Excellent C++ compiler for VB

132KB Virtual-E C Compiler 1.0 (Win?) - C (not C++) compiler for VB

53.8KB Virtual-E GL 1.0 (Win) - VB OpenGL display dev tool

123KB Virtual-Editor 0.1b (Win) - Tile editor for VB

483KB Virtual-Environment 1.2 (Win) - IDE for V810 Assembler

171KB GoodVBoy 1.03 (DOS) - ROM management util

180KB GoodVBoy 2.01 (DOS) - ROM management util

141KB VB Ripper Utility 0.9.5 (DOS) - Tile viewer (discontinued)

VB Frontends

70KB Offend 0.83 (Win) - Reality Boy (and other emus) frontend

82.7KB VBFront 1.0 (Win) - Reality Boy Frontend

451KB GoodWindows 2.4 (Win) - Frontend for use with GoodXXXX utilities (including GoodVBoy)

Public Domain ROMs

Alberto Covarrubias

3.14KB The Croach (VB) - VB animation PD ROM

745B Virtual-E Cursor Demo (VB) - VB sprites PD ROM

2.31KB VECC Cursor Demo (VB) - Virtual-E C version of original cursor demo

4.47KB Virtual Pong (VB) - Fully(?) functional PD game of Pong

Amos Bieler (RunnerPack)

7.35KB Hello, World! Demo (VB) - Hello World demo

6.17KB Hello, World! Demo 1.1 (VB) - Hello World demo (using OBJs)

Christian Radke (KR155E)

72.8KB BLOX (VB) - Puzzle game

74.3KB BLOX 1.1 (VB) - Puzzle game

18.7KB GLOW Demo (VB) - Brightness demo

4.55KB GLOW Demo - Alternate (VB) - Alternate version

11.1KB Super Fighter Demo (VB) - Basic demo for a fighting game

1.90KB Teleroboxer German translation patch 0.40b (VB) - Partial translation IPS patch

4.73KB VB Rocks! Demo (VB) - Basic char/bgmap demo

Cody Planteen (frostgiant)

11.1KB Mario Flying Demo (VB) - Moving Mario image demo


14.4KB The Matrix (VB) - Matrix scroll demo

Dan Bergman (DanB)

8.33KB OBJ Pointer Demo (VB) - OBJ demo

David Tucker

6.94KB Reality Boy Demo 1 (VB) - VB controller PD ROM

1.39KB Reality Boy Demo 2 (VB) - VB link port PD ROM

80.2KB Reality Boy Demos Source (VB) - PD ROMs source code


1.12KB Jack Bros Cheat Patch (VB) - Jack Bros (U) cheats IPS patch

1.15KB Panic Bomber Menu Patches (VB) - Panic Bomber (U) debug/level select menu IPS patches

12.3KB Scaling Demo (VB) - Expanding/shrinking Mario image demo

879B Virtual Bowling Debug Menu Patch (VB) - Virtual Bowling (J) debug menu IPS patch

728B Vertical Force Debug Menu Patch (VB) - Vertical Force (U) debug menu IPS patch

Pat Daderko (DogP)

19.2KB Etch-A-Sketch (VB) - VB drawing (using direct screen access)

10.8KB Framebuffer Drawing Demo (VB) - Framebuffer (direct screen access) demo

35.6KB Simon! (VB) - Repeat combo game

26.2KB Tic Tac Toe (VB) - 2 player (link) game

19.6KB Tron VB (VB) - 2 player (link) snake game

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