The following are links to excellent Virtual Boy websites. They include technical information, emulators, ROMs, development kits, and other VB related material.

VeeBee Mini - My Pokemon Mini dev site

The Unofficial Nintendo Virtual Boy Homepage - Reality Boy, VB tech info

Virtual-E - Virtual-E, V810 Asm, V-Environment & some VB tech info - Red Dragon - ViBE & a lot of other software & emus

planetVB - Excellent VB info source

planetVB Forum - Newer VB forum

Virtual-Boy.Net - Another good VB info site

Project: Virtual Boy - Also a good VB info site - VB mods, Nintendo Power & manual scans.

Virtual Boy Dimension - One of the newer VB info sites

Virtual Boy Player - VB mods, Nintendo Power & manual scans.

Teen Productions - VB Dev Kit, some manuals & multimedia

Zophar's Domain - An excellent source for emus/utils/PD ROMs =)

CGI:IRC EFNet #VirtualBoy - Access to the IRC chatroom

VB Store - Store devoted to VB

Lik-sang - Sells VB (and other) stuff

Success Compu - Video game development equipment supplier

Video Game Chat - They have a VB forum!

Nintendo's VB forum - The official forum!

Nintendo's Official VB Page - The official rant!

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