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Yet another Virtual Boy site...

My main goal is to eventually make the Virtual Boy it's own place in the Public Domain (PD) video game community. For now, I'm just happy with this site. =)

This page will forever be under construction. I'll try and add stuff as I fell fit.
And as for updates... There are some really good VB webpages in my links that are updated regularly. I will only update this page when I feel like doing so. I won't forget about this place, but I have more important things to do besides writing about something you can usually find somewhere else anyway.

Please help us make the Virtual Boy a system worthy of being up there with the all-time classics like the Nintendo Entertainment System & Game Boy!

David Williamson (lameboyadvance)

ATTENTION: I take no responsibility for any damage done to any equipment/people using information on this site. Any information on this site is to be used for educational purposes only. If you don't know what you are doing, please don't try!

Any information on this site can be freely distributed as long as I am given credit.
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