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Insert message here! - July 16, 2004
Well, the VB scene has died off these past few months. Well, more like past year... =(
I hope this doesn't mean yet another 5 or so years of nothing. The last thing we need is for the VB to die yet a third time (the second time being the disappearance of David Tucker from the VB community...)

Get in there! Get developing!

Seems the VB Store has shut up shop. The site is still there, so I'll leave the link.
And finally, Teen Productions has been moved. I've updated the link. Seems it isn't even listed on Icarus Independent's main page anymore. Probably means they want to forget the VB along with the rest of the world... =(

If you know of anything, let me know.

VeeBee Mini is here! - July 05, 2004
Now that the Pokemon Mini development scene has finally been born, I've decided to launch a site to cater for it. VeeBee Mini is for Pokemon Mini what VeeBee Development is for Virtual Boy. It will include files and documents relating to the development of PM ROMs and emulators. And even though the information contained on it will probably soon be obsolete, it's still my little contribution to the cause.

VeeBee Mini

As usual, if you know of anything, let me know.

Newer ViBE release! - June 26, 2004
Yet another version of ViBE has been released. You will need MacOS X 10.2 or better. You can get ViBE 1.0b5 (Mac) here.
Also, I've added another new link. VBBase.net contains a reasonable range of VB related information.
If you have a few minutes take a look.

If you know of anything, let me know.
Oh, and 'VeeBee Mini' - coming soon... =)

April Fools! - April 02, 2004
Although part of me wishes that this was true, part of me is glad it isn't.
Gameboy IGN has done a spoof of the upcoming NES Edition GBA SP. The VB Edition SP features a case with a red top and black bottom - just like the VB, and also includes a red screen - just like the VB. =P
Although this is just a prank, those 'GBA' titles sure do interest me... =)

Also, I've added a new link. Virtual Boy Player contains information on VB modifications and includes manual and Nintendo Power scans, among other things. They also have their own forum.
If you have a few minutes take a look.

If you know of anything, let me know.

New GoodVBoy update! - March 21, 2004
A newer version of GoodVBoy has been released. It has now been updated to version 2.01, and supports SHA-1 checksum detection. No new ROMs have been added. If you are still looking for some all the PD ROMs can be found in the Downloads section.
You can get GoodVBoy 2.01 (DOS) here.

gccVB released! - February 09, 2004
The new (and better) C++ compiler for VB has been officially released! A few of us in the VB development community have been using this for around a year already, and I can personally say that it beats VECC hands down!
It is a V810/VB version of the publicly available GCC, a well known command line C++ compiler used for many types of hardware and Operating Systems.
gccVB is best used with a code editor as notepad and edit are not really code optimised. Hopefully the new version of VeeBee Utils will include one, when it eventually gets completed. =)
You can get gccVB from the Downloads section.

As usual if you know of anything, let me know.

VeeBee ROM Graphix released! - January 12, 2004
I've released a new ROM graphics editor/viewer that handles a multitude of ROM graphics formats, including Virtual Boy linear images!
VeeBee ROM Graphix is capable of reading ROM graphics data and displaying it as a bitmap, as well as converting a bitmap into graphics data. It's been coded in Visual Basic, which means that it can be slow on slower computers, and due to colour loss it should only be used in 24 bit resolution, but other than that it is a pretty good app to have in your collection. I have yet to see another ROM graphics app that can do all that this can.
It also comes with two data insertion/extraction apps. They are command line based, but can also be used without the command line arguments.
You can get ROM Graphix from the Downloads section.

I've also added an icon to the webpage. Those of you with IE5 or better may be able to see it.

If you know of anything, let me know.
Oh, and if you like the VB, try programming for it! =)

New ViBE release! - January 04, 2004
A newer version of ViBE has been released. You need MacOS X 10.2, and I'm assuming a G4 or better (if there is such a thing). You can get ViBE 1.0b4 (Mac) here.

Happy New Year! - January 03, 2004
It's a new year, and the VB is still shuffling around in its grave. Because of the effort being made by others in the VB scene, we can look forward to more VB games & demos. Check out planetVB for more info on some possible upcoming titles.

It seems Nintendo is finally acknowledging the VB again. They've updated (and moved) their Official VB section, as well as having a VB section in their official forums.
There's a new version of GoodVBoy out. GoodVBoy 1.03 (DOS) now includes over 60 entries, including released PD ROMs from authors such as KR155E, DogP, Parasyte, and myself =). I've tried to include as many of the ROMs as I can, but due to legal reasons you'll find only the PD ROMs and patches in my Downloads section.
There's also a new version of ViBE released. Since it's for Mac, I can't really tell you anything about it. You can get ViBE 1.0b3 (Mac) here.
Oh, and if you're into videogame remixes, go to OverClocked ReMix for a good remix of Red Alarm.

Finally, I've also added another advertiser. Lik-sang is well-known throughout the videogame community. The fact that they recently added a Virtual Boy section (and also pay commission =), made me decide to include them on this page. The link will take you directly to their VB section. Heres the link:
They sell VB (and other) stuff!
Although they don't pay per click like Success Compu, they do sell a lot of videogame games and accessories. Check them out.

Well, that's it. As usual if you know of anything else, let me know.
Oh, and if you like the VB, try programming for it! =)

Goodbye Tripod, Hello Easyspace! - September 24, 2003
Well, I've had it. Tripod UK used to be a pretty good free web host, but their constant ads have annoyed me for the last time!
I'm moving the site over to Easyspace. Although it may not have the 50MB web space that Tripod has, anything has to be better than those ads.
I'm pretty sure I've brought everything. Let me know if you find anything missing. Thanks to RPack for pointing Easyspace out to me.
A really good free web host!

Oh, and check out the corner logo each time you refresh. =)

...I've updated?!? - September 16, 2003
When I first started this website, I had no intention of continuously updating it. So the fact that this update comes almost 11 months after the previous one should come as no surprise.
The problem with taking so long to update is that I've forgotten most of what has happened. The development & emulation community has advanced a fair bit in the past 11 months.

Firstly, there has been an explosion of PD ROMs. I've added all I could find to the Downloads section. Because of the number, I've arranged them by author. Please tell me if I got any wrong, or of any you may want added.

I also have some new links. RPack's page Virtual Boy Dimension contains some VB info as well as his files. And, since that most VB action is in the EFNet #VirtualBoy channel, I've added a link to a CGI:IRC client. Come join the action! =)
There is also a new forum. planetVB, the largest VB site around, has added a new forum. Go look.

And as for new files, besides the addition of the PD ROMs, I've also added the new version of GoodVBoy 1.02 (DOS), as well as my English translation patch of Chalvo 55, the GB version of what came of Bound High. Not too good, but not too bad either.
And now for the news. All that I can remember is that recently planetVB managed to get a place at a German video game convention. Good work guys for increasing awareness of VB, even if it was in a place where it never existed. =)

There has been some work on actual agmes for the VB. DogP's Etch-A-Sketch, Simon!, Tic Tac Toe, and Tron VB, as well as KR155E's BLOX. There is also word of a Super Mario Bros game for VB, and even a virtual version of Wario Ware.
I've also started work on a VB edition of the classic NES version of Zelda. At the rate I work, expect it some time this decade. =)

Finally, I'm looking for a new host. Tripod UK used to be one of the best free web hosts. Now they are just as bad as the rest. If you can help, please let me know. I don't take up too much room.
I've also added an advertiser. Success Compu is a Hong Kong based business that sells a lot of video game development equipment, as well as other items. Their prices are pretty reasonable, and they stock some items that I haven't seen anywhere else. Here is a link:
An excellent place to buy video game development equipment!
Please visit them. I get $0.01 for each time you click. Come on, one click isn't going to hurt. =)

Well, thats all I can think of. If you know of anything else, let me know.

At last! It has begun! - October 21, 2002
In the past couple of months, there has been an explosion in the VB development community. At least 5 of us have been beginning to make demo ROMs using Alberto Covarrubias' excellent Virtual-E C Compiler. I hope to add the demos soon. You will want the new VECC header files updated by RunnerPack. They support the use of OBJs.
Meanwhile, I have released two new VeeBee apps: VeeBee Header, which is a cutdown of the ROM Info viewer/editor out of Utils; and VeeBee CharMap, which can convert an image off the clipboard into a HWORD array for use with VECC.
I have also released my version of the Virtual-E Cursor Demo. Although I basically rewrote the entire thing, the major things I did were to add my own graphics & allow you to control the cursor using the left D-pad.

I've also added the various files used by my apps (such as font, DLL and OCX files) to the Downloads section, a list of My Collection, a section of My Want List, and a section stating what I have For Sale.

Oh, and planetVB was back up about a week after I posted the previous update. =)

Please help me afford stuff! - October 20, 2002
I just completed the PayPal Donate icon. It can be accessed on the Home page or by clicking the image below.
Please help me afford to buy VB games, consoles and accessories. None of this is free for me. It all costs money!

VeeBee Utilities is here! - July 25, 2002
Even though it is not yet finished, I have decided to publicly release a beta version of VeeBee Utilities, just to keep you all happy. =)
As the name suggests, VeeBee Utilities is a utility for Virtual Boy ROMs. It contains a ROM header editor, tile viewer, ROM database and numerous emu & dev kit frontends.
Please note that the tile viewer is not yet complete, and the VECC frontend is nonexistent.
I have also added some images to the site I managed to get from ROMs/emus/combo of the two. Use them all you like, that's what they're there for!.

On a side note, it seems that planetVB is temporarily unavailable. From what I've heard, the server they were on is no longer big enough to hold their massive collection of VB information.
Hopefully they can be back soon. Keep up your excellent work KR155E & DrAetzn!

VeeBee Development is born! - July 22, 2002
Well, this is my contribution to that electronic junk pile known as the World Wide Web. Hope you like it.
My goal is to eventually make a contribution to the Virtual Boy emulation community, no matter how small.
Navigating this site is so simple, even my dog could do it (if she could reach the keyboard). The links are on the side menu. See something you like? Click it.
And as for the whole red colour scheme... Well, if you don't like red, you shouldn't be using a Virtual Boy. =)

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